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Birthday Chalkboard: Noah

It's not been quiet around here, that's for sure! There have been architect's drawings and tender documents and huge, massive plans for a vegetable patch but, amongst all this, there have also been some chalkboards. Some pretty awesome chalkboards, if I do say so myself!

Noah's mum got in touch with me early last month about a birthday chalkboard for his first birthday photoshoot (what a fantastic idea to use it as a photoshoot prop - an idea that I wish I'd had!).

Anyways, she sent over a long list of his favouritist things and I got going on the design and lettering for his personalised chalkboard. I really enjoyed this one as I love the combo of yellow and blue and think it really 'pops'.

The finished birthday chalkboard looked so lovely in my lounge against the deep blue that I wanted to keep it - for no logical reason other than it looked pretty!

It's now with it's rightful owner and I have just photos to remember it by :)

Here they are...

As always, if you like what you see and want one then shout! Contact me at or check out my Etsy shop here.

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